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Curriculum vitae of Lorenza Parisi, PhD CURRENT POSITION From November 2016: Associate Professor in ‘Sociology of Culture and Communication’ at Link Campus University (Rome, Italy). Assigned courses: ‘Internet studies and social media management’, ‘Sociology of new media and social network sites’ and ‘Digital marketing’. RESEARCH INTERESTS • Digital media studies. Main topics: social media and self presentation; social media and natural disaster; online dating; e-learning; mobile communication. • Critical Algorithm Studies. Main topics: search engines; social media algorithms; location-based applications, online maps. • Digital marketing and social media marketing for public administrations, institutions and brands. • Civic engagement and political activism through digital media. • Human Computer Interaction. EDUCATION • 2008 – 2011: PhD student in ‘New Media Studies’ at the Faculty of Communication Sciences, University of Rome, La Sapienza (Italy). Degree: PhD PhD Dissertation title: ‘Where 2.0. Exploring the impact of digital media on place experience. Keywords: place experience; digital media; communication geography; networked space; mobile communication; locative media. • September - December 2007: enrolled in the ASP (Advanced Study Program) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (USA). • 1999 – 2006: University Graduate: La Sapienza University of Rome, Facoltà di Scienze della Comunicazione (Faculty of Communication Sciences). Degree: Laurea (110 cum laude /110) Research thesis on Theory and technology of new media (title: “As We May Search. Knowledge Machines In Information Society. Memex And Google: A Comparison”. The thesis contains an accurate analysis of the cultural and ideological impact of automatic systems for storing and retrieving knowledge; a detailed comparison is done between the “Memex” of Vannevar Bush and the search engine Google. ACCADEMIC HISTORY - January 2015 - March 2017: Lecturer in ‘Media Studies’ at John Cabot University (Rome, Italy). Assigned courses: ‘Media, Culture and Society’, ‘Digital Media Culture’ and ‘Qualitative Research with Digital Media’. 2015: member of the Organizing Committee of the Conference ‘Protest Participation in Variable Communication Ecologies’, 24-26 June 2015, Alghero (Sardinia, Italy). The conference has been sponsored by The United States Embassy to Italy. - January 2014 – January 2015: Post-doctoral research fellow at the Department of Political Sciences and Communication, University of Sassari (Italy). - 2013: Research fellow at Università di Roma Tre (Rome, Italy). Supervisor: Professor Lorenzo Mosca. She investigated the activities carried out by citizens involved into the Italian Indignados social movement. - 2010 – 2011: Researcher at Polo Universitario di Colle Val d'Elsa (Siena). The fellowship is granted by Fondazione Monte dei Paschi di Siena in order to transfer digitial Innovation in Italian enterprises. The reserch activity focused on the development of a location based version of the social network site Panmind ( 2008 - 2011: PhD candidate in ‘Communication Sciences’ at the University of Rome ‘La Sapienza’ May - June 2009: Visiting PhD student at Helsinki Institute for Information Technology, UIx (Ubiquitous Interaction Lab). Supervisor: Prof. Giulio Jacucci. September - December 2007: enrolled in the ASP (Advanced Study Program) at the MIT (Cambridge, USA). During that semester she also attended a design workshop at the 'Mobile Experience Lab' under the supervision of Federico Casalegno. She took part in the project 'Learning Sustainability' focused on applying mobile technologies to promote active learning and civic engagement among young people. With C. Kaman and B. S. Thomsen, she created a project, called The Eco Pet. PROFESSIONAL HISTORY AS DIGITAL CONSULTANT Since 2009: she has worked as digital senior consultant and social media strategist for several Italian public administration and private companies: Ministero per le Politiche Giovanili e le attività sportive; Gambero Rosso (the most important Italian food and wine magazine and publishing group); Camere di Commercio d’Italia; Jaguar and Land Rover Italia; Fondazione Basaglia, etc.). 2012- 2014: Gambero Rosso Holding social media strategist. Gambero Rosso is the world's authority on Italian food, wine and travel. 2012: Senior consultant at Nuvò s.r.l. (digital transformation company). May 2006 – March 2008: working in the Press Office of M.P. Mrs. Giovanna Melandri (Italian Minister for Sports and Youth Politics) as consultant for ICT communication, Internet and new media. She takes care of many institutional communication campaigns targeting young people. She functions also as ghostwriter and dossier editor. TEACHING AND RESEARCH ACTIVITIES Since November 2016: she teaches the following courses: ‘Internet studies and social media management’, ‘Sociology of new media and social network sites’ and ‘Digital marketing’ at Link Campus University. From January 2015 until April 2017: Lecturer in Media Studies at John Cabot University (Rome, Italy). She has taught eleven courses in the following topics: ‘Media, Culture and Society’ and ‘Digital Media Culture’, ‘Qualitative Research with Digital Media’. 2009 - 2011: involved in research activities of ‘Against Political Communication’, a Research Project of Relevant National Interest (PRIN) funded by the Italian Ministry of Education. The project investigates political participation in the age new media. 2014: 2017: Involved in the research activities of the ‘SHAKE networks’ project, a designated Research Project of Relevant National Interest funded by the Italian Ministry of Education. The project explores the role of social media in emergency communication and dissemination of seismological research. 2013 - 2014: international cooperation with Sorin Matei (Purdue University, USA). The research project ‘Alterpode’ analyzes how digital media, and social media in particular, influence the perceptions of continental scale geography (maps). Since 2007: she hold lectures at different workshops (University of Sassari), masters (IULM University, Siena University, University of Rome La Sapienza, Link Campus University) and events organized by public institutions (Italian Government Public Administration Department, Italian High Institute for Health). 2006 – 2015 : she collaborates with the Department of Communication, University of Rome - La Sapienza where she takes part in teaching activities ('Theory and Technology of New Media', 'Interface, contents and services for interactive technologies', 'Internet studies' courses) and research activities (Mediamonitor Politica). 2007 – 2009: developed and tested the e-learning browser game: ‘Learning to Play’ (with researchers Marco Casini, Simone Mulargia and Veronica Mobilio). December 2007: when enrolled ad MIT, with C. Kaman and B. S. Thomsen, she developed the ‘Eco Pet’ project applying mobile technologies to foster active learning and civic engagement among young people. COMPLETE LIST OF PUBLICATIONS BOOK: Where 2.0. Media digitali ed esperienza del luogo. Guerini e Associati, Milano, 2018, ISBN: 978-88-8107-416-7 PEER-REVIEWED JOURNAL ARTICLES: Sarrica M., Farinosi M., Comunello F., Brondi S., Parisi L., Fortunati L. (2018), "Shaken and Stirred. Social Representations, Social Media and Community Empowerment in Emergency Contexts" in Special Issue ‘Social Representations, ICTs and Community Empowerment, Semiotica. Comunello, Mulargia, Parisi (2017), ‘Non parlarmi, non ti sento’. Processi di sense giving nella controversia sui vaccini infantili tra gli utenti di Facebook, Problemi dell’informazione, n. 3, p.431-457. Comunello F, Parisi L, Lauciani V, Magnoni F, Casarotti E (2016) ‘Tweeting after an earthquake: user localization and communication patterns during the Emilia 2012 seismic sequence’. Annals of Geophysics, ISSN: 2037-416X (IF 2014: 1.037) Comunello F., Mulargia S., Parisi L., (2016) ‘The “proper” way to spread ideas through social media: exploring the affordances and constraints of different social media platforms as perceived by Italian activists’, Sociological Review, vol. 64, p. 515-532, ISSN: 0038-0261, DOI: 10.1111/1467-954X.12378 [Fascia A journal (top ranking journal) according to the Italian Ministry of Education]. Parisi L. (2015) ‘Where 2.0’. Exploring the Place Experience of ‘Hyperconnected’ Digital Media, Users in Special Issue: Other Senses of Place: Sociospatial Practices in the Contemporary Media Environment, Sociologica, 03/2015, Il Mulino. 12378 [Fascia A journal (top ranking journal) according to the Italian Ministry of Education]. Lovari A., Parisi L. (2015), ‘Listening to digital publics. Investigating citizens’ voices and engagement within Italian municipalities’ Facebook Pages, Journal of Public Relations Research. Lovari A., Parisi L., (2011), 'Amministrazioni pubbliche in ascolto. Prove di customer satisfaction attraverso la lente dei social network sites', Sociologia della comunicazione, Anno XXII – n. 41-42, 2011, numero monografico su Le reti socievoli. Fare ricerca sul/nel web sociale, Franco Angeli, Milano, pp.78-89. EDITOR-REVIEWED PUBLICATIONS: Massidda L., Parisi L., (2017) ‘Public Art 2.0? Exploring the ambivalent relationship between two ‘participatory’ logics’ in (eds.) Iannelli L., Musarò P., Performative Citizenship. Public Art, Urban Design, and Political Participation, Mimesis International. ISBN: 978-88-6977-034-0, pp. 73 -92. Parisi L, Comunello F (2017). ‘Exploring networked interactions through the lens of location-based dating services. The case of Italian Grinds users'. In: (a cura di): Dhoest A, Szulc L, Eeckhout B, LGBTQs, Media and Culture in Europe. LONDON and NEW YORK :Routledge ISBN: 978-1138649477 Parisi L. (2014), ‘Idee e valori dei nuovi attori politici in rete’, In: (eds.) Alberto Marinelli e Elisabetta Cioni, Public Screens, Sapienza University Press. ISBN: 978-88-98533-43-5 Parisi L., Comunello F., Amico A. (2014). ‘#allertameteoSAR: analisi di un hashtag di servizio tra dinamiche di influenza e nuove forme di engagement’. In: (ed.): Comunello Francesca, Social media e comunicazione d’emergenza. p. 121-140, Milano, Guerini e Associati. ISBN: 9788881073641 Comunello F., Parisi L. (2014). ‘Social media e disastri naturali: un’analisi dei tweet durante il terremoto in Emilia (maggio 2012)’. In (ed.): Francesca Comunello, Social media e comunicazione d’emergenza . p. 69-86, Milano, Guerini e Associati. ISBN: 9788881073641 Lovari A., Parisi, L., (2013) 'Lo sguardo del cittadino: bisogni comunicativi e dinamiche relazionali nel web sociale abitato dalla PA'. In (eds.) Masini M., Lovari A., Benenati S., Tecnologie digitali per la comunicazione pubblica, Editore Bonanno, Acireale-Roma. Lovari A., Parisi L. (2011), 'Public administrations and citizens 2.0. Exploring digital public communication strategies and civic interaction within Italian municipality Pages on Facebook' in Networked Sociability and Individualism: Technology for Personal and Professional Relationships. In (ed.) F. Comunello, IGI Global, 2011, pp. 238 – 263 Parisi L. (2010), 'Gli elettori indecisi alla prova del voto: percorsi e motivazioni della scelta' in Gli indecisivi. La campagna elettorale per le Politiche 2008 vista dai cittadini. In (eds.) M. Morcellini, G. Fazzi e L. Iannelli, ScriptaWeb. Parisi L., Rega R. (2010), 'La comunicazione degli attori politici: tra disintermediazione e media sociali'. In (eds.) E. Cioni, A. Marinelli, Le reti della comunicazione politica, , Firenze University Press Antenore M., Iannelli L., Parisi L. (2009). Qualcuno era comunista? Gli elettori indecisi di fronte al voto. In: Morcellini M.;Prospero M. (a cura di). Perché la sinistra ha perso le elezioni?. p. 135-160, ROMA: Ediesse, ISBN: 9788823013551 PEER-REVIEWED PROCEEDINGS: Iannelli L., Parisi L. (2014), “To Govern artfully. Linking relational public art to urban governance toward new forms of civic participation”. In Soares Neves P.;de Freitas Simões D. (eds). (eds): Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity, p. 234-241., ISBN: 978-989-20-5138-3 Parisi L. Rega R. (2011), “Disintermediation in Political Communication: chance or missed opportunity?”, in De Blasio E., Hibberd M. e Sorice M. (eds.), Leadership and new trends in political communication, CMCS, Luiss University Studies, pp. 123-144 Coutrix, C., Jacucci, G., Advouevski, I., Vervondel, V., Cavazza, M., Gilroy, SW., Parisi, L. 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Culture e Comunicazione/Culture and Communication, 2, 97-108, available online Fazzi G., Marchianò F., Parisi L. (2013). ‘Forme di partecipazione e orientamenti di voto nelle elezioni regionali 2010’. DEMOCRAZIA E DIRITTO, vol. 1-2 del 2013, p. 413-437, Franco Angeli, Milano. ISSN: 0416-9565, doi: 10.3280/DED2013-001019 SELECTED CONFERENCE ATTENDED: Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR), 5th- 8th October 2016, Berlin. ECREA, 6th European Communication Conference, 9th-12th November 2016, Prague; title: Between ‘debunking’ and ‘echo-chamber’ effects. Exploring the childhood vaccine controversy among Italian Facebook users (third author). International Conference on ‘Protest Participation in Variable Communication Ecologies’, 24-26 June 2015, Alghero (Sardinia, Italy); title: ‘Take (connected) action. Exploring the role of different social media platforms as participatory environments for protest events’’ (third author and presenting author). LGBTQs, Media and Culture in Europe’ international workshop. 3-4 December 2015, Antwerp (Belgium); title: ‘Italian Grindr users: self-presentation strategies, online visibility and (public) display of sexual orientation’ (first author and presenting author). Lisbon Street Art & Urban Creativity, 5 July 2014, Lisbon (Portugal); title: “To Govern artfully. Linking relational public art to urban governance toward new forms of civic participation” (second author and presenting author). Conference AIS, Milan, 26 September 2014, “Goverare ad arte. Pratiche artistiche in cerca di cittadinanza.”(with Iannelli L., Bruno M., Massidda L., Marelli C., Musarò, Parisi S.). Social Media and the Transformation of Public Space, Amsterdam, June 2014 (paper accepted: “Twitter and natural disasters. How the user-generated hashtag #allertameteoSAR became the ‘official’ hashtag for disaster recovery during the Sardinia floods” (first author and presenting author, with Comunello F. and Amico A.). National Communication Association (Washington, USA), November 2013; title: Alterpode. Where we think things are and what influences those beliefs (fourth author: Matei, Comunello, Vibber, Parisi). Crossing Boundaries in Crisis Communication, Erfurt (Germany), October 2013. “Twitter and natural disasters: the case of the Emilia 2012 #terremoto” (second author and presenting author, with F. Comunello, G. Anzera, E. Casarotti, V. Lauciani). European Sociological Association (ESA 2013), Torino, august 2013. Social media and natural disasters: mapping information spread and influence dynamics during the Emilia 2012 earthquake (second author: Comunello F., L. Parisi, E. Casarotti, V. Lauciani). International Research Workshop about mobile communication as a cultural, spatial and social phenomenon, Parisi L., “Where 2.0. - Exploring the impact of digital media on place experience”, Aarhus, Denmark, 28 March 2012 (first author and presenting author). International Research Workshop about mobile communication as a cultural, spatial and social phenomenon; Comunello F., Parisi L., “Mobile location based social networks: the case of Grindr, spatial and social phenomenon, Aarhus, Denmark, 28 March 2012 (second author and presenting author with Comunello F.). Parisi L., Rega R., “Disintermediation in political communication: chance or missed opportunity?” CMCS Political Communication Conference, Rome, 20th May 2011 (first author and presenting author, with Rossella Rega) Conference ESA Research. Network Sociology of Culture, Bocconi, Milano, 6th October 2010. Lovari A., Parisi L., “Public administration and citizens 2.0. Exploring on-line civic participation in social network sites: an Italian empirical study” (second author and presenting author, with Alessandro Lovari). Conference ‘Reti socievoli’ Urbino (Italy), 20th November 2009. Lovari A., Parisi L., ‘Amministrazioni pubbliche in ascolto. Prove di customer satisfaction attraverso la lente dei social network site’, (second author and presenting author, with Alessandro Lovari). The Mobile City conference, Rotterdam, Netherlands, February 27-28 2008. Kaman C., Parisi L., Stjerne Thomsen B., “The Eco-Pet Project: a game about active learning, an exploration of the city, an exchange between individuals, a reflection on sustainability (second author and presenting author, with Kaman C., and Stjerne Thomsen B). XIII International Conference of Oral History, Rome 2004. A. Di Cerbo, L. Parisi, F. Pappalardo, B. Pinto, S. Trifiletti, “An Initiation To Violence: History and Stories from Genoa, July 2000” (second and presenting author). SKILL/INTERESTS: Informatics: Social media marketing tools Working knowledge of IBM SPSS software (Statistical Package for the Social Sciences). Fair knowledge of the HTML language and HTML editors (e.g. Dreamweaver). Languages: English language proficiency: Level of C1 (Effective Operational Proficiency) as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEF). Basic knowledge of French. Peer review: She has served as a peer reviewer for the following journals: New Media and society (ISSN 1461-4448),Social Sciences (ISSN 2076-0760), Bollettino dell’Associazione Italiana di cartografia (ISSN 0044-9733). She has also served as a peer reviewer for New Media and Society and for the Annual Conference of the Association of Internet Researchers (AoIR, 2106, 2017, 2018).